About Yvonne

Yvonne Tomlin Miller is a high energy entrepreneur, coach and  author.  She is passionate about making a real difference in this world and believes it is her calling to help individuals live the life of their dreams

Having struggled with low self confidence as a result of childhood abuse I know how easy it is to become stuck in you limitations.  Living life on a loop of ups and downs, feeling exhausted with the constant battle,  Despite these difficulties I managed to have a successful career.  Relationships were a little more tricky however.  A personal tragedy catapulted me forward big time.

My strategy for moving forward involved my reading, researching, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, this resulted in my creating a life system based on the notion of ‘self -parenting’ that allowed one to access the life sources and energies surrounding us everyday.  I wrote a book called Lifetricity and have a number of online courses and coaching programmes designed to help people re- align with their true purpose allowing them to catch their dreams once more.

Yvonne Tomlin Miller

The Dream Catcher