Yvonne Tomlin Miller

High Achieving Individuals

Often portray  a confident persona to the world

whilst secretly crumbling inside




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You are powerful beyond belief!

No matter how intense things might feel I know for sure that deep, lasting change is possible for you  
Having connected with many truly 
"Successful"  people over the years I know that true life success comes from a deeper soul connection

I know for sure that my gift is the ability to see the light within others and act as a catalyst reflecting that light back to them igniting an insightful inner leader guiding them every step of the way

To be honest at times I thought this ability was a burden I wanted a normal job and to live a normal life, I hid my talents for fear of standing out

Not any more

The burning desire within  me shone thorough hard and I could no longer ignore my calling, for which I am ever grateful

I have to say that sharing in the life journey of those longing for a deep and lasting happiness  has been a joyful experience

Thanks for the connection

Yvonne x

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